Polymeraws elements

November 10, 2016    polymer aws

Polymeraws elements

At ReSnap we heavily rely both on the Amazon Web Services and on Polymer. A few weeks ago we started a new project to build a internal dashboard to manage some internal processes. This dashboard basically displays and edits data from our database. Because of our familiarity with Polymer, we started building it with Polymer. The normal approach would be to use the AWS Javascript SDK and start coding. But I recently started experimenting with Google Firebase for a private project and just love the polymerfire elements.

I wondered if there where similar elements for usage with AWS, but there were none. So I decided to fill this gap, thus polymeraws was born. For the initial relase I built just the elements we need for our internal dashboard (DynamoDB and Lambda). But I plan on expanding the number of elements to span more services. I’m currently working on the Cognito element, this will abstract the authentication to a single element.

Please take them for a testdrive and please send me your feedback.

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